Stream of Passion Releases a New Video-“In the End”

I was excited to find out that progressive/goth metal band Stream of Passion is releasing a new video, “In the End”. The song comes from the band’s second album, The Flame Within. From

According to a press release, “The Flame Within” “leaves its predecessor in the dust, thanks to more mature songwriting. Carried by Marcela Bovio‘s fantastic vocal lines, STREAM OF PASSION delivers the entire spectrum of human emotions – at times dreamy and melancholic, at other uninhibited and forward pressing. In this way, heavy riffs merge with romantic undertones in majestic unity… “The Flame Within” is more than a loosely arranged sequence of songs, but rather a holistic Gothic metal masterpiece complete with mystic elements and sonorous symphonic romanticism.”

Stream of Passion’s lead singer, Marcela Bovio, is one of my favorite female metal artists. She has a rich, expressive voice, and she plays the violin. Check out the video below:

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