Haunted Opera Houses and Theaters

In the spirit of Halloween (pun intended), I thought I would write about some haunted opera houses and theaters across the country. I first started thinking about this a couple weeks ago, when I was watching Ghost Hunters on SyFy. They did an investigation of the Congress Theater, here in Chicago. I went to a Dream Theater concert there several years ago. I didn’t notice any ghosts, although the bathroom was kind of scary. Some of the paranormal phenomena include an apparition of a woman in a blue dress, disembodied footsteps in a hallway, and the ghost of a man raising his arm on stage. There is a nice article about it on the Chicago Sun-Times website. You can watch the episode here.

I also came across a story today on New Haven, Connecticut’s Channel 8 website about the haunted Sterling Opera House in Derby, Connecticut. Paranormal phenomena include a smoking rat (smoke was coming off of it, it wasn’t having a cigarette), an apparition of a woman in Victorian-era dress, and orbs hovering over the audience. You can check out the story here.

There is also the New Orleans Opera House ghost. According to http://www.hauntedneworleanstours.com/ , there is a ghost who first appeared over 100 years ago called “The Witch of the French Opera House”. From the website:

Shocking now as then is her wretched appearance. She has ghostly white hair which trails and drags behind her in the streets. A horrid face paler then death itself. Her eyes are blood red and as huge as saucers. With tears streaming from them. Her shroud is nothing but a white bed sheet draped around her.

Reportedly she was the ghost of an aging Storyville Madam. A woman whose younger lover had taken a mistress. The aging Madame distraught over her lover’s betrayal, killed herself. But she later returned as a ghost and murdered her cheating lover and the mistress in their Bourbon Street Mansion.

For even more haunted theaters, you can check out:

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Happy Halloween, everyone!

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