Theory of a Deadman Joins the Music Fashion Project to Raise Money for Rock for Kids

Recently, I wrote a post about Tea Stain Clothing’s Music Fashion Project, which pairs rock musicians with their favorite style of Tea Stain Clothing to raise money for music-related charities. Theory of a Deadman is the latest band to join the project. From the press release:

“We’re very excited to have Theory of a Deadman participating in The Music Fashion Project,” commented Devin Hajek, founder of Tea Stain Clothing.  “They compliment the current roster of bands supporting The Music Fashion Project and have chosen a noteworthy charity to support.  Rock for Kids provides free year-round music education for children.”

“It’s a pleasure to have Theory of a Deadman on board supporting us,” commented Maria Mowbray, Executive Director of Rock for Kids.  “Many of us take music for granted, it’s a big part of our life, provides us with a lot of pleasure, however there are a lot of younger students who do not have access to this and so by supporting Rock for Kids, the band is helping to provide music education to children who need it the most.”

Other bands in the project include Papa Roach, The Donnas, Framing Hanley, and Lovehammers featuring Marty Casey. To contribute to the project, purchase your favorite band’s selected charity style. Tea Stain Clothing donates a portion of the proceeds directly to that band’s specified charity. Even if you can’t spend money on a shirt, you can still support your favorite band/charity by simply clicking “share”. You then have the option to e-mail your friends or post it on your MySpace, Facebook, or other social networking sites.

This is a wonderful project, and here’s hoping that even more bands will join.

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