LOLcats Get Muzical – Make Them Metalheadz

Who doesn’t love a little LOLcat fun?  They seem like the big thing these days.  I guess you could say cats have a musical opinion too.  At least, the LA Times Pop and Hiss blog pointed this out.  With their own lingo, costumes, and facial expressions, cats love and hate music just like the rest of us.  Now, I can’t say I am impressed by cats musical tastes or opinions; more on that in sec.   LOLcats, made famous by the I Can Haz Cheezburger website, have started providing musical reviews.

You can check out the stories for the L.A. Times: Part I, Part II, and Part III.

Anyone see the problem with these cat’s opinions?  Umm… we need to make them a little more metal.  I mean cats love the hard and heavy stuff too.  Don’t they?  Perhaps some cats like a little classical tunage and don’t mind getting a little Jazzed up.  I could care less about Miley Cyrus, and even less for Lady Blah-Blah.

What do I propose? Well, let’s start metalizing these cats and introduce them to some Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Black Label Society, and any others you think are worthy.  SO, I have starting taking things into my own hands…

Megadeth rulz  Mosh pit

aaaarrrrr...  Practicing Lamb of God
moar funny pictures

Seemed like good late night Friday fun.  Please share you Metal LOLcats.

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