Peter Criss From KISS Reminds Men They Can Get Breast Cancer (Updated)

In a surprising revelation, Peter Criss posted the following on his website:

This is Breast Cancer awareness month…

In ’08, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, but with (early detection) my great doctor Alex Swistel & staff and the Lord above, who always looks over me, I am cancer free today!!! I wanted to let you know men get it like women do. Don’t be afraid to let someone know if you have a lump. Do the right thing for you and your loved ones and get it checked. Man or woman, there is no discrimination with breast cancer … we all don’t have nine lives.

Love to all of my Fans.

God Bless,

Peter Criss

Although breast cancer is less common amongst men, it still does happen.  According to the American Cancer Society, “Breast cancer is about 100 times less common among men than among women. For men, the lifetime risk of getting breast cancer is about 1/10th of 1% (1 in 1,000).”

According to to the National Cancer Institute, men at any age may develop breast cancer.  However, it is usually found in men between 60 and 70 years of age.  The following types of breast cancer are found in men:

  • Infiltrating ductal carcinoma: Cancer that has spread beyond the cells lining ducts in the breast. Most men with breast cancer have this type of cancer.
  • Ductal carcinoma in situ: Abnormal cells that are found in the lining of a duct; also called intraductal carcinoma.
  • Inflammatory breast cancer: A type of cancer in which the breast looks red and swollen and feels warm.
  • Paget disease of the nipple: A tumor that has grown from ducts beneath the nipple onto the surface of the nipple.

Needless to say, guys take care and be aware.  Since this is National Breast Cancer Awarness Month, pay a visit to the official website.  There is plenty more information for both men and women.

Update 10.10.2009: I rarely update posts, but I am all about fighting for boobs – mens and womens.  Cancer is a beast that needs as much research to combat the disease as possible.  It turns out that Believer and artist Michael Rosner (Eye Level Studio) have designed a limited edition shirt to sell during the month of October with proceeds being donated to breast cancer research.  Check out the full story at Metal Martyr.

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