Blog Update: Redesign in Progress and New Associations

I mentioned in late August that changes were coming.  In case you hadn’t noticed, my wife, under the pseudonym Viola da Voce, is actively contributing now.  We have been working diligently to provide regular content about topics we love and interesting news.

In addition, I promised the site was going to go through a redesign, and this is well underway.  I purchased a copy of the Thesis blog theme, which I must say is pretty incredible.  If anyone is looking to revamp their website, the Thesis theme is definitely worth taking a look at.  It does take some getting used to because of the backend structure, but even with my limited website design knowledge I have managed to get through those hurdles.  I have some minor, but important kinks to get figure out before officially switching over.  I hope to have the redesign complete and up over the weekend.   We shall see how the week goes.

Also, we have some announcements to make as well.  The Contrapuntist is now part of the MOG Music Network.  If you aren’t familiar with MOG, it is a popular music social network I have been checking out for some time.  It seems to be a really great social network that has found a great way to integrate independent music bloggers into the community.

I mentioned before that I was reluctantly monetizing the blog, and this seemed like a logical starting point.  I still have full control of all content and what I do with the blog.  MOG basically makes the advertising deals for me.  Viola and I are seeing how it goes over the next few months, and after the holidays we will re-evaluate our situation.  That said, we are excited about joining MOG.

We have also joined the Amazon Associate program as well.  What that means is I might supply widgets and links in blogs posts and in sidebars.  If anyone visits Amazon from the blog and makes a purchase, we can get a small commission from it.  It is simple way readers can support the work we do.  I trust Amazon and buy plenty of music through the website, so it seemed like a logical thing to do.  We intend to only provide Amazon links to things we would buy ourselves, or are willing to support.  Believe me; you won’t get Amazon links to BS music we despise.  (And we do despise plenty).

When the redesign goes up, we will add a page describing our associations to keep full disclosure.  We have a couple of other opportunities we are considering as well.

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