Tea Stain Clothing Teams up with Rock Stars to Raise Money for Music-Related Charities

Recently, rocker fashion has come back in style in a big way. I’ve seen department stores selling AC/DC and Led Zeppelin T-shirts, not to mention all the little kids wearing T-shirts with the Rolling Stones flaming lips logo. And, according to “The Seattle Times,” “Rock [is] the hard-edge fashion look for fall.” Well now, you can look like a rock star and raise money for a good cause by supporting Tea Stain Clothing’s Music Fashion Project. Here’s some info from the company’s press release:

Tea Stain Clothing has just launched The Music Fashion Project.  This philanthropic initiative pairs some of the rock scene’s biggest names with their favorite style of Tea Stain Clothing to raise money for music-related charities.  Participating bands include well known bands like Papa Roach and The Donnas.  The project also features some bands ‘on the verge’ like Framing Hanley, currently holding the #1 video spot on Fuse TV, and Lovehammers featuring Marty Casey from NBC’s Rock Star INXS.  Some benefiting charities include VH1 Save The Music, Little Kids Rock and Rock ‘N Renew.   To contribute to the project, fans simply purchase their favorite band’s selected charity style.  Tea Stain Clothing takes care of the rest by donating a portion of the proceeds directly to that band’s specified charity.

If you don’t have any cash to spare right now, don’t worry. You can still help out. According to founder Devin Hajek, “Even if someone isn’t able to spend money on a shirt, they can still support their favorite band/charity by simply clicking ‘share’.  From there they have the option to email their friends or post it on their myspace, facebook and a host of other social networking outlets.”

Hopefully, other bands will join this project.  Help spread the news by sharing the following widget . Visit the Tea Stain’s website for more details, to shop, and for other widgets.

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