Beatles Mania Lives On, Now In Digital And A Game

Today marks the rebirth of the Beatles, at least in digital format.  Today also happens to mark the 40th anniversary since the Beatles broke up.  Many Beatles enthusiasts have waited for the music catalog from the fab four to be available in digital format.  For whatever reason, it hadn’t happened until today.  Not only will much of the Beatles catalog be available for the first time in a digital format, but gamers around the world can now deepen their rock star fantasies with a new Beatles Rock Band as well.

Beatles Rock bandI am no product of the sixties, nor do I fully appreciate the Beatles as others do.  I grew up with Metallica, Dream Theater, and Megadeth; and then went on to study the  classical music greats.  Regardless of when I grew up, or who I studied what continues to amaze me is the timelessness of the Beatles.  Whether a fan or not, an avid or occasional listener, the Beatles influenced countless musicians and inspired millions to this very day.

As many youngsters hear much of the Beatles catalog for the first time, who knows how the next generation of rock stars will be influenced by the quartet.   With thousands of kids jamming out to become a Beatles Rock Star on their Playstations and Xboxes, I can’t help but admit it isn’t a bad thing.  (I have ripped on Guitar Hero and Rock Star in the past.)

In our modern chaotic world, it seems fitting that the Beatles come back to us during a time of civil unrest to help us find meaning in our lives and avoid  a wasteland of mediocre pop music.  The art of writing songs with a real melody, simple harmony, and a straightforward groove has been swallowed by electronic bombastic beats that cause hearing damage and are combined with meaningless lyrics and rhymes versus melody.

There is something to be said about love and happiness, peace and kindness, and listening to music that leaves us with these feelings.

The New York Times ArtsBeat blog has brought together reviews from different sources of the new The Beatles Stereo Box Set.

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