Music Video: John Chaffee Is Frustrated That The Government Doesn’t “Play By The Rules?”

Is anyone tired of political nonsense?  Yeah, I thought so.  John Chaffee, a Cleveland based singer songwriter, is tired too.  It often feels impossible to watch TV news, or read a newspaper (or blog) without learning about some moron that said or did something absolutely ridiculous.  As you might have guessed, Chaffee wrote a song, “Play By The Rules,” that touches on a theme that resonates with many people across the country.

From the press release I received, Chaffee says:

Early this year it seems we were told almost daily about another tax issue, or ethical issue, or moral issue, not just with the nominees for public office but also our representatives currently serving in government as well as others in positions of public trust. It’s an arrogance that leads to the belief that there are no consequences for your actions.

And I wondered how do you know who to trust anymore? It seems nobody plays by the rules. The American people are coming to grips with the grim reality that trustworthiness is becoming a difficult thing to find. To me, ‘Play By The Rules’ is a song about the values taught to us as children that seem to be eroding in the lives and conduct of those people we are supposed to be able to look up to and respect. In many ways, America has become like a rudderless ship, careening across the water wishing she had a moral compass. There was once a Dignity Code, but it’s no longer in our rule book. Maybe it’s time to bring it back.

Dressed in Uncle Sam garb wearing red, white and blue platform boots, Chaffee has launched an entertaining video singing verses covering  everything from a “treasury man who won’t pay his taxes” and “bribes and payoffs now the norm” to “lower standards, lower morals, lower expectations” and “scandals every minute” as “I get fired, you get a bonus.”

The music was recorded with prominent Nashville studio musicians at that city’s Trax Studios and the video was shot by Cleveland based film director and videographer Ted Sikora of Commercial Recording.

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