Contrapuntist going through some changes

ChangeContrapuntist is going through a few changes and I thought I’d let all my friends out there know. Since I started blogging a year ago some things have changed.  As we all know, life just feels like it is getting more chaotic and from time to time an adjustment is necessary.  I have always believed that blogging needs to come from a passion, and that passion isn’t going anywhere.  Instead, I hope to make this destination better.  So, I have decided to make some adjustments.

First off, my life long partner has decided to join me in keeping up with this blog.  By life long partner, I mean my wife.  On this blog (and possibly  in other social media channels), she will be known as Viola da Voce.  I will allow her to share her own story, but the reason she isn’t sharing her real name is to protect her identity.  See, she is a teacher, which is why she would prefer to protect her identity.  Joining me on Contrapuntist will be her entry into the world of social media.  I hope you all enjoy what she has to share.   Like me, she is a musician and very passionate about music.  We met in graduate school while we finished our music degrees, so she is knowledgeable; in some areas even more knowledgeable

Second, I am thinking about monetizing this blog.  When I first started Contrapuntist, I really had no intention of doing so.   I write about music because it is a deep passion of mine, as I mentioned earlier.  I don’t have reiterate that many of us are encountering economic issues and times are tough. Viola lost some income recently, and monetizing is simply a way to lessen the financial blow.   I hope my readers understand.  Our long term goal in monetizing Contrapuntist is simply to support are cultural endeavors.  We love going to shows/concerts and attending various cultural events.  We hope a little extra can help us go and then share what we have been up to.  However, in the immediate future, anything we make will likely go to bills – boo!

Over the next few weeks, we intend to overhaul the design of this site, reorganize some things, make some enhancements, and bring content more regularly.  I am setting up Viola so she can start contributing sometime this week or next.

Should any reader have any concerns, questions, or recommendations, please leave a comment or email me.

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One comment on “Contrapuntist going through some changes
  1. I understand where you are coming from. Even though it’s a passion, it is time consuming and time is money. That was also part of the problem and why I went on my own. I put a lot of time in to that “other blog” and my compensation was getting weaker and weaker while the blog was monetized in to someone else pocket. It just didn’t make sense to me to keep pouring my passion in to it and not getting anything back. At least with H.i.m. I still have some connections and it’s all on my own terms.

    I’ve thought about trying to monetize Hook In Mouth as well but I would want to make it strictly about music such as working with labels and posting ad banners for them. Not ads that have nothing to do with music. I just like how a blog looks with out all the clutter of ads too. It makes loading and everything much easier.

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