This Is What Happens When You Piss Off A Guitarist: Part II

United Airlines PR nightmare continues.  Last month, Dave Carroll posted a video in response to United Airlines providing piss poor customer service.    Carroll promised a trifecta of songs.  Yesterday, he posted Part II on YouTube.  If you haven’t heard of this story or watched the first video and want to catch up, then checkout Part I of this post here.

Guitarists have to stick together, especially when it comes to organization that believe it is ok to disrespect our most prized possession – our guitar.  And, to make things worse, United didn’t replace it either. Nor, did they care to even listen.  I think it is safe to say United is listening now.  I mentioned it before, United maybe the focus of this trio of videos by Carroll, but other airlines better pay attention and not screw with any other musician.  Or else…

Like Carroll’s previous song, it really is quite catchy.  It also looks like more people were involved in the making of this video.  With further interruption, please enjoy.

I am looking forward to the third song.  Cheers!

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