Paying Tribute to Les Paul

Is it me, or does this year seem more tragic than other years.  Legends seem to be dropping like flies these days. Week after week, entertainers that have touched my life are dropping like flies.

As a guitarist and rock junkie, it is impossible for me to avoid paying some kind of tribute to Les Paul.  It was reported earlier this week that Les Paul died because of complications from pneumonia at the age of 94.  It could easily be argued that Les Paul single handedly changed the course of music history and popular music.  It is impossible to think about modern popular music without the inventions and innovations by Paul.

To learn more, I encourage all to pay of visit to Paul’s Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame profile.  Paul was inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame in 1988.

As a guitarist, his innovation inspired me in ways I can’t fully describe.  So, it is with the deepest respect I wish Les Paul R.I.P.

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One comment on “Paying Tribute to Les Paul
  1. It has been an uncharacteristically tragic year for famous people. We’re living in the middle of a changing of the entertainment guard.

    Les Paul. It’s sad. One of the greatest music icons who’s touched aspects of the entire music industry through his innovations, and he’s gone. The saddest part, I think, are the millions of young guitarists who thought a Les Paul was just a gibson guitar.


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