Producers of “One Hour Fantasy Girl” Looking For A Song. Got One?

Have you ever wanted to write a song and have it featured in a movie?  Well, now might be your lucky day.  Producers of One Hour Fantasy Girl (No Restrictions Entertainment), written and directed by Edgar Michael Bravo, are openly asking for musicians to submit song(s) to be featured in the film.

If your band’s song  is selected, here is what you get in return:

  • the name of your band, your band’s logo, a clip of your song’s music video (if available), and website will be featured at the end of the trailer in a special “Featuring Music by” segment.
  • a link to purchase your band’s song will also be featured on the One Hour Fantasy Girl website
  • all of the band members will receive a copy of One Hour Fantasy Girl on DVD

So what do you have to do?  Submit your song and band information at the film’s official website: .

The only catch is your song needs to be available on the web so the producers can hear it.  A rather simple request considering your can host your songs on MySpace and a whole host of other web options.  You also have the opportunity to submit more than one song.

If you want to write a song, then here is a synopsis of the movie (also available from the film’s website).  It sounds like a moving story.

One Hour Fantasy Girl is a compelling coming-of-age drama that is like no other film of its kind. Boldly honest and thought provoking, the film introduces audiences to the world of a twenty-year-old fantasy girl: Becky Lewis (Kelly-Ann Tursi), who escaped an abusive alcoholic mother at the age of 15 and has been surviving on her own in Los Angeles ever since.

Having always struggled for money, Becky becomes business partners with Chi Trang (Paul D. Nguyen), an aspiring musician, who convinces her to work as a fantasy girl who acts out any fantasy a guy wants as long as there is no sex, no nudity, and is 100% legal. She immediately gains two frequent customers, Roger (Jon Morgan Woodward) and Bobby (Joe Luckay), who change her life forever.

Becky finds herself in a web of deceit, betrayal and murder that forces her to give up her own happiness. Shaken and bruised, yet determined to make it, Becky pushes forward hoping to earn enough money to invest in real estate and make the “big bucks.” Her journey leads her to find an unlikely ally who, for a moment, gives her the break she’s never had.

If your song is chosen, let me know.  I’d love to talk about it.  Good luck and happy song writing!!

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One comment on “Producers of “One Hour Fantasy Girl” Looking For A Song. Got One?
  1. The Song is Called Jimmy Renda-se , which in Portuguese means “Jimmy Give up” , It’s a mixture of idiomatic expressions that create a unique language and express a Wild Side of the Modern Age . It’s intense and good for scenes like when The Guy is about to get whipped by the Girl or something that need a kick of a hardRock Tune . There’s Also A VONTADE , which you can find at , a mix of Brazilian Samba and a bit of Funk , good for mellow scenes or you can use the upbeat outro for some groovy moves . I hope you can use my music for something beautiful . Thanks , paulo

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