This Is What Happens When You Piss Off A Guitarist.

We write a catchy song and put it on YouTube.  Well, ok, not all the time, but that is what Dave Carroll did.  And now United Airlines has a bit of a publicity crisis on their hands.  Guitarists, like most musicians, treasure their instruments.  United Airlines didn’t realize that, broke his guitar, provided crappy customer service and Dave wrote a song about the whole experience.   Since posting it on YouTube on Monday, the video has already received over 60o,ooo views.  Of course, the news helped by sharing the song on national TV. The Video  even received coverage on CNN.  Pretty awesome.

As a fellow guitarist, I feel the need to help spread the word against the always evil United Airlines.  Of course, all airlines pretty much suck, but for the time being United gets the attention.

So..Here is the video.  Enjoy!  I certainly did.

To read the whole story, check out Dave Caroll’s MySpace Page.

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