Remembering Michael Jackson: RIP

Like the rest of the music world, I am in complete and utter shock regarding the sudden death of Michael Jackson.  Setting aside any negative commentary, controversies, or accusations in recent history, there is NO doubt the profound impact Michael Jackson had on the music world.

I may be a prog rock and metal junkie now, but Michael Jackson was my entrance into popular music at the young age of eight years old.  I remember vividly asking my mother to buy me a cassette copy of Thriller.  It was my first music recording.  I don’t think there was a kid at that moment in time who didn’t dream of dancing, singing or being like Michael Jackson.  And who could ever forget wanting “the glove.”

Michael Jackson was undoubtedly a musical genius with incredible business acumen.   I was never able to see Michael Jackson perform live, but from everything that I have seen and heard, he was an amazing entertainer and performer stretching back to a young age with the Jackson 5.

Jackson leaves behind a long lasting musical legacy that will continue to touch millions of people around the world.

I am truly lost for words.  So, what a better way than to share some of the songs I enjoyed.  I will however refrain from doing the whole Thriller thing… the newscasters are playing that one enough.


The track always got stuck in my head when I heard it.

As well as this one.


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