The Metal World Is All A Twitter Over Anvil Story

Never heard of Anvil?  Well, now is your chance to learn more about a Heavy Metal icon of sorts.  The buzz is percolating over a new document about the Canadian Heavy Metal which inspires such popular acts like Guns N’ Roses and Metallica. You wouldn’t expect a heavy metal act with a documentary, of all things, to get some much attention, but it has. In fact, Anvil really hit mainstream conversations by receiving attention on NPR earlier today. You can hear the segment below:

After doing a search on Twitter, here is a sampling of some recent Twitter search results using terms “Anvil” and “story”:


And to think that all VH1 did was send a few copies to some popular musicians on Twitter.  Pretty cool how this is evolving.  Stay tuned, I am sure the story about Anvil and Twitter is far from over.  Of course, now I have to go see the movie.  Some videos are available on the NPR site so check them out.

Initially, I was planning on finishing my CSO post I started yesterday, but this was just too good to pass up.

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