BriTunes: Good idea or Ripped Off

britunesBrian Williams, host of NBC‘s Nightly News, has started a new series on MSNBC – BriTunes. Get past the cheesy name that might have been stolen, the idea is a great one. Why do say the name might have been stolen? Well, as it turns out, a blog with the same name, Britunes, has been around since 2007. And, the author might have a good reason to be annoyed. I think it is all circumstantial, but that’s just me.

The show is a web-hosted series, and Williams described as the premise of the series:

While we’ll interview some established musicians, mostly I’d like this to be a place where people can sample some of the great music being created every day, by talented musicians who wouldn’t dream of doing anything else.

The first webisode focuses on SXSW favorite, Deer Tick, the Rhode Island-based folk-rockers whose sophomore album, Born on Flag Day, is scheduled for release on June 23.

It is to early to tell whether the series will be successful, but we shall see if NBC is really willing to highlight indie rock artists instead of the typical Billboard 100 artists.  Snooze…  If the show keeps its word, then perhaps we can learn about some great artists.

The first episode is available at the following link.  (Tried embedding, but for some reason it doesn’t work.)

What do you think about the series?

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