What Now For Susan Boyle?

By now, everyone has heard of Susan Boyle.  After Ms. Boyle appeared as a contestant on the show Britain’s Got Talent before a panel of judges that looked upon her with prejudiced expressions, she shocked the world with a mesmerizing number from Les Miserables. As Boyle sang, the panel of judges’ jaws dropped to the floor. Literally. The same clip was posted on YouTube and, needless to say, it went viral.  Within a few days, the clip had amassed more than 100 million views.     

After being thrown into the YouTube spotlight, what now?  There are lots of things to learn about this situation.  First, I feel horribly bad for Boyle. Why?  No one has wanted anything to do with the women, and now everyone wants a piece of her.

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve observed the conversation around this story, and it sickens me.  In particular, the stories that talk about the lack of monetization sicken me.  In true capitalistic form, people have rushed to do anything and everything they can to make money off of the “sensation.”  Conversations brew over YouTube, Google, and the show not making any money over the clip.  What about Ms. Boyle’s piece of the pie?  It is HER voice after all.

I hope Susan Boyle reaps the rewards of being ignored, and now being abused.  Let her suck all the money out from the hundreds of vultures that are knocking on her door. Considering, this world wind started with an audition, win or lose, I hope she garners well-deserved success.

The real moral of this real life story is reflecting on the the preconceived thoughts from an arrogant panel of “judges” as they rushed to judgment before listening to Boyle.  It only highlights the close mindedness of people that are at the helm of the music industry. The expression “never judge a book by its cover” has never rung truer than now.  Boyle is an unfortunate cultural symbol reflecting a society that often lacks humility and humbleness.

I have always had mixed feelings about these talent shows like Britain’s Got Talent and American Idol. Most of the time contestants that should win rarely do. And, those contestants that should be kicked off somehow stick around longer than they should.  Do I have to mention Jennifer Hudson…booted from American Idol that now holds an Oscar!

My hope is Ms. Boyle can handle the sudden fame brought upon her.  No one was prepared for someone like her to touch the world in the way she has, most of all – Susan herself.

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