Quick Note: About Comments On Contrapuntist

I learned a really hard lesson this week.  Never try to fix things with your blog when you are feeling really sick and aren’t able to focus on what you are doing.  I recently had to switch commenting engines because Sezwho was bought out by another organization, and the company was useless in helping in the transition. As a result, I’ve been testing the waters with Intense Debate.

Unfortunately, the other day while trying to clear out SPAM, I realized I had deleted a bunch of non-spam comments. I found out this morning that Intense Debate doesn’t store comments, so all those comments are lost. I might still be able to recover some from the WordPress.com version I was using in 2008, but I am still working the issue. I also have a bunch of backups that I trying to figure if I can restore comments.  Either I am doing something wrong, or I am just SOL.

SO, if you have left comment before, and you don’t find it here, apologies for the accidental deletion.  All I can say is that I am really pissed at myself for making such a dumb mistake.

I am still testing the waters with Intense Debate, and I may switch it off and give something else a try.  Intense Debate has a lot of features, but the administration isn’t very user friendly…especially when it comes to deleting SPAM.

I figured I should at least notify readers of my mistake.

Cheers and Happy Sunday.

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