YouTube Orchestra At Last Performs

Tonight YouTube made a little history. The YouTube Orchestra held its inaugural performance at Carnegie Hall.  If only I lived in New York..  I don’t, I live in Chicago and I love it. I just wished I could’ve experience something incredibly unique this evening.  Perhaps the next one can be hosted in Chicago.  Of course, there is always the opportunity for a YouTube Opera here at Lyric Opera of Chicago.  I guess we will all have to see how the concert went tonight. I am sure it was awesome based on some of the musicians selected.

Youtube posted a cool mashup of people that were selected to be a part of the orchestra, so I thought I would share.  Pretty cool.  …the orchestra even included a guitarist.  Awesome!


Tan Dun, famous for composing the score for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, wrote the work Internet Symphony No. 1 just for this project.  Hear is another video with Tan Dun talking about his inspiration for the work.


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