Why Are Popular “Hits” Always Off The Mark?

I frequently give some of my coworkers a hard time about some the tunes they listen too.  In the past week or so, I have had ongoing discussions about popular music with them. I have vastly different tastes from just about all of them. In particular, some love music that often makes it on Top 40 hits, and unless Metallica makes a ” Top 40 hit” I pretty much avoid all of it.

I have mentioned before that I have odd and eclectic listening tastes.  I completely admit the vast majority of what I listen to doesn’t fit within any of the typical music listening molds.  But come on, give me break.  I managed to pull a widget for this week’s Bilboard Mainstream Top 40.

Ok, I maybe a little harsh, but I just don’t get how some of these songs have even made it on the Top 40. Period! I just don’t get much of this music. I will gladly stick to my heavy metal bliss. To balance things out, I of course have my classical side for those days I need something soothing. When I want to mix it up again and need something with a more dance-like groove, I often embrace my Latino roots by listening to some Salsa.

I just think popular music has lost its touch, and blame labels for that vast majority of it. So much of this is just wrong. These hits are from being good, and just seem sad. Am I alone in thinking this? Has popular music come to this?

…and off I go to save my ears.

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