Harnessing the Power of Inspiration

I have yet to meet a musician that hasn’t been inspired by another musician in one capacity or another. My first experience with classical guitar was listening to a sound recording by Angel Romero. That single moment in my musical history had a profound impact on me. I was simply blown away by what I heard that I became transfixed, even obsessed, with the idea of replicating that single experience and making it my own. A few months later, my grandfather brought my classical guitar and my official journey with the classical guitar was born.

About six months later I attended a concert featuring The Romeros Guitar Quartet with the El Paso Symphony Orchestra. I was about 15. If hearing a CD had the impact that it did, you can imagine the impact of seeing Angel, his brothers and father perform live. In fact, the very next day I forced my parents to take me to see The Romeros performed a recital at the University of Texas at El Paso. I harnessed that entire experience and it became my motivation to learn how to play the classical guitar.

I think back and reflect on that time, contemplating the impact those few short months had on my life. Those few months changed my life forever. Over the course of my life works of art, sound recordings, books, events, poems, photographs, dance and people have all served as some of my sources of inspiration. I have done my best to channel those moments when my mood is impacted by harnessing the energy and having it impact the music I create and perform.

Inspiration comes from different places, but is rooted in our individual personalities and perceptions. Surely there is something that “moves” all of us. It is part of human nature. There are “happenings” that enlighten the spirit and captivate the soul in ways that are still a mystery to me.

A few weeks ago I discussed that we each have an outlet. If you don’t, then I encourage you to find it. The easiest way to find it is to pay attention to what inspires you and use those emotions as guide.

Harness that energy to create something that is yours…

Perhaps this is the idealist inside, but if we all harnessed the energy to create something that inspired others, the world would be a much better place.

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