Jason Vieaux: My Former Teacher and His New Bach Album

I have to admit that I am surprised at myself.  Since I started blog last May, I haven’t really talked much about classical guitar. Probably because I didn’t want this blog to focus on all things guitar.  Of course, I recognize that I may have neglected one of the major reasons I started writing about music to begin with.  I hope to change a little bit of that, and I can’t help but start by giving some blog love to one of my personal musical inspirations – one my former guitar teachers.

I was happily surprised to to see that Jason Vieaux, my former classical guitar teacher from the Cleveland Institute of Music, sent me news about the release of his new album; focusing solely on the lute works by J.S. Bach.  As a teacher, Jason can bust chops. However, by busting my chops, he also managed to improve my ability. There was much to improve when I first started studying with him. As a performer, Jason is without a doubt one of the best players I have ever heard. I consider it a tremendous privilege to have studied with him.  I always remember the lessons I had with Jason every time I pick up my guitar. (All for my own good.)

It has been a long time since I actually spoke with him, but I had a good time back in the day. Here is a snippet from his bio:

He is the youngest First Prize winner in the history of the prestigious Guitar Foundation of America International Competition, a Naumburg International Guitar Competition prizewinner, and, in recognition of his prodigious talent and extraordinary professional career, The Cleveland Institute of Music honored Mr. Vieaux with their Alumni Achievement Award in 1998. In 1995, Mr. Vieaux was an Artistic Ambassador of the United States to Southeast Asia, and concertized in Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Myanmar (Burma). He has also toured Europe, Mexico, Canada, the Far East, Australia and New Zealand.

SO…clearly I am biased when I say check out his album.  I will allow everyone to be their own judge.   However, here is the first of three videos of some “behind the scenes” footage.


Should you be interested in purchasing the album, it is available at the following sites:

Happy listening.  More guitar stuff coming very soon…

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