My Guitar, My Outlet

Everyone needs to have an emotional outlet; my guitar serves as mine. Really, my emotional outlet is creativity and my guitar is the vessel that allows me to express myself. Since I was a teen, I always turned to my guitar whenever life felt wrong or out of whack. For years it was my best friend. I might even call it my only friend. That is, of course, until I met my wife.

I know I can always turn to my wife for emotional support, but it isn’t the same. Sometimes you just need something that is yours, something that you can have some semblance of control. At least, that is what I find. When I play my guitar, I am able to channel my energy, good or bad, into something musical. That is the beautiful aspect of creating/performing music; it allows me to express my mood. Happy, sad, angry, uncertain, frustrated, confused – all of these emotions can be channeled when I play. My guitar serves as my canvas, like an artist about to paint something. Artists use colors to shape their mood, for me it is sound.

With so many things running amuck, I find myself wishing I could play more than I am able to. It often feels overwhelming and daunting facing the challenges and uncertainties before all of us. No matter what, I will always find comfort picking up my guitar – it helps soothe my soul.

What is your emotional outlet?

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One comment on “My Guitar, My Outlet
  1. I’ve never been able to pinpoint this so-called “emotional outlet.” Perhaps some prefer to stay hidden, someplace where it’s dark and frightening. Or might they be found in between the spaces of these letters, those words, that note?

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