Romantic Love Song Shuffle

What is the most romantic song to play on Valentine’s day?  It is such a subjective question. I certainly don’t have the answer, nor will anyone else.  After all, everybody has their own musical taste.  If you listen to metal, then you will likely choose love songs with a kick.  If you love R&B, or classical music, or country, then you will likely choose songs that match your own musical tastes.

There are lots of opinions and recommendations out there. Here are a few lists that I have come across online:

I haven’t talked to much about jazz on here.  But when it comes to loves songs that is where I turn.  In particular, I prefer choosing from the crooner types.  You just can’t go wrong with the smooth, enchanting, and class from the likes Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Billie Holiday, Dean Martin, Louie Armstrong, and Harry Connick Jr. Honestly, I am bit surprised more crooners and jazzers weren’t included on the lists I came across.  Rather sad I think.

Not to say there aren’t a lot of great love songs from other musical styles.  Hey, I happen to think some of the songs from those listed are quite good.  I just think some of these other singers bring something a little more romantic.

What are your love song favorites?

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