RIAA vs. Harvard University

Since the silliness that began with Lars Ulrich and Metallica, I have continued to follow the actions the RIAA continues to take against regular “joes.”  I have mixed opinions about music file-sharing, which I have shared a few times. It is no secret that the music industry is really hurting, and they are doing everything in their power to recover.  The problem is they keep tackling complex issues in absurd ways, especially when it comes to file-sharing law suits.

Ars Technica recently published a story about the status of the Boston University graduate student Joel Tenenbaum trial: How Harvard Law threw down the gauntlet to the RIAA. The article is a but lengthy, but describes Harvard’s position, how the Law School is handling the case, and what it could mean for all of us music aficionados waiting to see how this thing turns out.

For those of you wanting more RIAA legal news, add the following blog to your RSS mix: http://recordingindustryvspeople.blogspot.com/

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