Youtube goes Symphonic

As a marketer, I always hear social media gurus chatting about how businesses should be used for business…blah blah blah.  If social media is social, then an even larger question is: how it social media help to progress society?  Yesterday, I was happily surprised that YouTube is kicked up a notch by supporting the arts, and in particular classical music, in a very unique way.   YouTube is organizing the first ever Online Symphony Orchestra.  Anyone can pretty much participate.  Check out the following video:

Now, I can’t express enough how cool this really is.  What makes this even more awesome is it looks like some of the modern classical music hot shots, like Tan Dun, Lang Lang, and Valery Gergiev, are all supporting this effort.  Never before has this been attempted, but what a great way to highlight the role classical music plays in our lives.  In world that is consumed by pop music, I humbly applaud YouTube’s efforts to progress the arts and classical music.   The classical music world has needed to find a way to come to young people, and now it finally has.

I hope musicians from around the world will join in this opportunity to celebrate the arts and joy that classical music brings to our lives.  There is, of course, one small catch.  Anyone who participates must practice their part!  So, if you are interested all you have to do is go to the YouTube Symphony page.  Instructions and music are available there.  The best will be chosen for a performance at Carnegie Hall during April 2009.  Who wouldn’t want an opportunity to perform at Carnegie Hall? …Seriously?

Happy practicing!!

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