Is There A Decent CD Store Left?

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A couple days ago I took a trip to Borders to followup on a promotion they emailed me.  However, when I arrived and started to scope the “music” section, if you can really call it that anymore, I was baffled by how much the management had let the section go.  Talk about one of the most pathetic music sections ever!

That got me thinking about where the best place to go and browse for music.  I thought about it for a while, and the only conclusion I had was a tossup between Best Buy or F.Y.I. (For Your Entertainment).  At least when you are looking for pop/rock/R&B music.  Granted, Best Buy doesn’t carry everything. However, I have found that Best Buy has a pretty diverse assortment to choose from, which boggles mymind because they are so not a music store.  F.Y.I. also has a fairly decent collection.  The one area of weakness across the board is I no longer know if any store that has a decent classical or jazz music section – all are complete disasters.

The past several years has witnessed a greater shift of music shopping taking place online.  We can say thanks to Apple and the iPod for that!  Although I find myself going to places like, I still find myself wanting to browse a music section.  The demise of Tower Records, Virgin Megastore closures, and along with other music store shutting their doors have marked the end of any decent place to browse for music.  Maybe I am still old school, but I still enjoy going to the store and searching the shelves to find that forgotten, or undiscovered gem.

The CD isn’t dead yet, but the inevitable is coming…


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7 comments on “Is There A Decent CD Store Left?
  1. Once upon a time, you could find quite a few chain stores as well as smaller outlets that sold music. Of course, back then vinyl LP’s were slowly on the way out and cassettes were moving their way in as the medium of choice. I miss being able to go in to a record store and just LOOK. Sometimes I’d find something I’d never heard of before, buy it, take it home and be pleasantly surprised…of course…sometimes I’d end up cursing myself for buying such a horrible album!
    I guess we’re BOTH old school.

  2. Jazz Record Mart is still amazing for staff knowledge and imported jazz albums.

    Reckless Records is decent for the Indie crowd.

    The music industry is as much to blame as digital culture – Throughout the 90s and early 21st century, the allure of hits prevented the construction of quality albums. Why one a complete set when piecemeal is easier and more attractive?

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  5. While its only local to denver, Twist&Shout is amazing. They have a huge collection of music, including lots of rarer indie and foreign stuff.

  6. I agree with you 100% about the Borders selection. They halved the size of their music department, with a disproportionate amount taken from the Classical section. I forgot Best Buy–I’ll have to check it out.

    I have gotten most of my Classical CDs from BMG, but the selection is limited there as well. Naxos online is supposed to be pretty good, and there’s another iTunes-type site geared to Classical, but I can’t remember the name.

    Another thing I hate about the American music scene is the lack of magazines for Classical music. We have “Rolling Stone” and “Spin” but there are at least 3 or 4 British magazines dedicated to Classical and Jazz. I wish there were a magazine in the US like that, because the concert listings are, of course, useless in “Gramophone” or “BBC Music”, though the articles and reviews are great.

    • Spingirl,

      I believe the “… another iTunes-type site geared to Classical…” is The music there are all DRM-free and at 320 kbps audio quality.

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