Brief Reflections About The Election

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Tonight marks a moment in history that heals the deep emotional scars that have plagued this nation for centuries.  Tonight is perhaps the greatest achievement of the US.  Not to lesson other great moments of this great nation of ours, but tonight carries a uniqueness about it.  The passion was thick across the country to decide tonight’s presidential winner. Although Obama’s win is without a doubt special and means more for African Americans.  As a Latino, it represents much of the same. Anything is possible.

Black or Mexican, African or Asian, the significance is more complex than Republican versus Democrat.  It is that an ordinary man from mixed decent from modest means can rise above the norm by bringing people together and remind all of us that we are all Americans.  In the end, our citizenship should carry us forward, regardless of ideological divisions, and liberals should embrace our conservative American brethren.  Doing so would express further healing needed in our nation.

Tonight does not mark the beginning of the end, but the end of the beginning.  Much work remains ahead of us…

Congrats to our future President Barack Obama.

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2 comments on “Brief Reflections About The Election
  1. Yes, you are correct. A testament to his recently deceased grandmother for serving as his guiding light to show that anything is possible.

    No one, any where in the world, can say that something isn’t possible. Because now, there is no excuse. He exemplifies what it means to achieve.

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