Election And Bailout Like A Bad Sci-Fi Channel Movie

I find it very difficult to write about music under the current circumstances.  Unless you have been stuck on a stranded island for the past several weeks, I think it is safe to assume that a majority in this country is glued to either the TV or the Internet trying to make sense of what appears to be a bad plot in a Sci-Fi Channel movie.  Not to pick on the Sci-Fi Channel, but let’s face it, they have A LOT of really bad movies.  And this election process seems like a really bad plot in one of those really bad movies.  The only difference is the monster in this real life story is Wall Street.  How we conquer this beast may not be known for sometime.

I think it is a fair statement to say that although many believe Barack Obama hasn’t really made a position, John McCain is flipflopping all over the place, Joe Biden is suffering from gaffes and Sarah Palin is running from the media that no one in or out of office really understands what to do.  I hear so many different things, I am left with my head hurting and confused the more I try to comprend the situation.  We can point fingers and blame the politicians and the banks and the real estate industry and irresponsible Americans and … so many others, but that won’t resolve the problem.  Nor does that take ownership of the situation.

I am not gonna sit here and claim that I fully comprehend what is going on or the implications the results will have for the next few years.  But there are certain fundamental actions that do not seem to be taking place.  Noone is really explaining this situation in plain English.  Most of what I have heard is a babble that would turn the Tin Man rusty in minutes with the spit coming out and nothing else.  The ONLY person that I have heard help me understand this disaster is New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, in his appearance on Meet the Press over the weekend.

Bloomberg: U.S. dealing with two financial crises

That said, I don’t believe US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson is the right person that we can trust.  How can we when considering the man that placed him in charge and the office working to move forward with a $700+ billion bailout?  Are the American people supposed to believe that the White House will act responsibly considering the lies that have emerged in the past eight years? (Please don’t make me recap.)  I am baffled the White House had the nerve to believe Congress would handover a blank check with no oversight with only months left for the current administration with less the a few days to decide.

At the same time, I am torn between all of my American brethren being left owning Freddie, Fannie and AIG, PLUS flipping the bill for a mess I didn’t help create that noone asked us if we wanted to pitch in and help out.  On the other hand, we as a nation need to protect each other from catastrophe.  What bothers me the most is the fact that these highly paid executives that screwed our country over and over, and raped our wallets while draining our 401Ks will seemingly walk away with no punishment.  My take is strip these guys from their riches, and make them pay for part of this bailout.  That would send a clear and concise message that enough is enough.  I am sick and tired of these guys going to jail but keeping all their money.  Yeah, that sounds like justice to me…

The antics that I have witnessed in the past several days is simply baffling.  Regardless of the candidate that you believe in, one thing is absolute – the next president will have a tremendous job to stabilize the US economically.  Based on the last several days of political banter and vaudevillian comedy it has become ever clearer who we need to choose.  It is a shame this remains a political contest.  In the meantime, I may need watch those lame Sci-Fi movies just to keep my sanity.

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2 comments on “Election And Bailout Like A Bad Sci-Fi Channel Movie
  1. Yep, 100% in agreement with you. I mean, everybody knows I’m biased, but I don’t think I’m alone in thinking that one candidate has appeared calm, dependable, and resourceful in the wake of this crisis, while the other has appeared reactionary, impetuous, and misinformed. Now honestly, which set of qualities would you rather have in a president?

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