Music Award Shows: Hype With No Substance

Does anyone care about music award shows? Last night, I chose to watch Monday Night Football, with the Chicago Bears surprising the Indianapolis Colts in a 29-13 victory, instead of the MTV Video Music Awards.  I just didn’t think I was going to miss much, so tolerate stupidity and the “return” of BS aka Britney Spears.  Awards shows have lost their identity of why they exists.  It sad when the groups that do deserve an award are overshadowed by those musical acts that should even be in the spotlight, much less be rewarded.

Award shows are supposed to reward musical acts for their artistry.  I would hardly call music award shows rewarding artistry these days – and that goes for all of them.  The American Music Awards, Grammy’s, MTV Video Music Awards and some many others are all a lost cause.  Awards shows are all about glamour, and hype with filled no substance.  Just because an act sells albums doesn’t mean the best-selling artist deserves an award.  Popularity shouldn’t be rewarded as the “best.”  Music Award Shows have become a high school prom queen contest where the hot cheerleader, and the football jock are crowned as musical royalty.  It disgusts me!

The MTV VMA’s were far better in the early days.  Now the channel is more about helping teens increase their sexual desires with tactless activity that encourage “booty calls.”  After MTV had their little Brttney Spears fest at VMAs, I just became sick and tired of watching stupidity and the lack of artistry, so I stopped watching.  Who could ever forget the Briney, Madonna, and Christina live ménage à trois?  Stick to music, and let Stephen Sondheim compose musical theater.  It just works better.

MTV lost their identity a long time ago.  MTV isn’t about music anymore, it has become about teenage/young adult stupidity.   If anyone has watched a recent season of the Real World, then you know what I mean.  I remember when I was in high school (no I won’t say how long ago), I would flip MTV on to watch my favorite rock videos or to see the last rockin’ metal act.  Now, it is more about reality TV, then music.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved the Osbournes, earlier seasons of the Real World, and a few other shows over the years. But at its core, MTV, is, or rather was, a station designated for music videos.  But really, MTV is a reflection of how the music industry has lost its way.

All music shows have become more about who has the best-selling record versus the best written one.  Clearly, all of these award shows are being dictated by the record industry versus the artists.  It simply a sad state to watch an industry that should be harnessing creativity but instead encourages half-assed song writing.  Instead of nurturing and improving musical acts, it is all about harnessing the almighty dollar, pound…pick your currency.  And, don’t get me wrong, there is place for musical acts that are entertain, but when nothing else exists, there is a problem.  I can pin all the blame on MTV, but when it continues to reward acts that do not deserve any, it just fuels the production of more bad music.

How can MTV really award musical acts that have the “best” videos when a majority of great acts with awesome videos won’t ever be considered?  Let’s face it, music awards are meaningless.  So, if you really want to watch great music videos from that acts you love and were shunned by the stooges from MTV, I will stick to YouTube, Imeem, and Last.Fm – the MTV of the future.  And, the future of the music industry.

If you really want a recap of who won, here ya go – click here.

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