Convince Me Political Change Is Unnecessary

Let me begin by saying I am not a fan of politics. In fact, I hate listening to pretty much all politicians. When I do listen, it simply to keep myself informed, and make sure the turkey in office, or up for election isn’t going to completely ruin my life.  I didn’t set up this blog to focus on politics either, but this is a place where I can share my thoughts outside of the scope of music as well.  As much as it pains my ears, and makes me cringe listening to what politicians rant about everything that usually amounts to hot air, what I heard last night inspired me and touched something deep inside that I am still trying to make sense of.

As I watched Barrack Obama walk to the podium and accept his presidential nomination, I witnessed something that I never thought was possible in my lifetime.  Change is a big word being used over and over again this year.  The political analysts suggest it is a tale of two sides – a vision that is too idealistic, or a continuation of the past eight years.  Regardless of what any of us believe, the decision we make will impact this nation in ways we have yet to imagine.  As Obama approach the podium I couldn’t help but hold back a tear or two as I witnessed history in the making.

There is no question that two ideologies are being preached from each of the political parties, and verbal fists will continue to fly back and forth until we choose who we feel is the better leader.  The choice we make shouldn’t strictly be about whether we think if change is possible; or the significance of experience; or a whole host of other issues.  It should be about who will represent us – the people – with the most sincerity.

As I listened to Obama – who was inspiring to say the least – my greatest take away is the manner he delivered his speech.  Obama delivered his speech with such sincerity, I don’t believe I have ever heard a politician – and that includes the Clinton’s and the Bush’s – so impassioned to make things right.  The inspirational reaction I felt came from Obama’s sincerity and the notion that we can and should believe in a better tomorrow.

While many critics believe Obama is overly idealistic, I question those critic’s sincerity and vested interests.  Why shouldn’t any of us expect a leader with a vision?  Why shouldn’t the leaders we elect have ideals or dreams?  I would argue we should expect nothing less.  Hasn’t that been the problem over the last eight years? The fact the today’s government leaders that represent a old school politics are unwilling to have ideals? Or, to have a vision that hopes for a better tomorrow?  If our country is to move forward, then the only way to make that possible is to acknowledge problems exist, or at the very least believe that things can always be improved.

I am sure some McCain supporters will read my reaction and think that I am overly optimistic, and an Obama “junkie.”  If that is the case, then convince me that I should support a candidate that doesn’t believe we can make things better.  Convince me that a drilling offshore or ruining nature pursuing of decline energy source is the solution to our energy woes.  Convince me soldiers dying abroad for a cause that was never clearly defined is acceptable.  Convince me that I am wrong.  Convince me.

I will not stipulate that Obama is THE perfect candidate for the oval office, or entice you to believe what I believe, because frankly it isn’t up to me.  It is up to all of us… But here is the thing, come November, the choice we make should be based on the notion that anything is possible if we set our minds to it.

I will choose the person who believes in bringing back the American spirit.  I will choose the person that inspires me.  …and that has the guts to motivate this country to return to having ideals, and the hope for a better future.  We live in society where we all must own up to our obligations as citizens.  I want a leader that is willing to challenge me.  We all have expectations and desires to simplify our lives, but often overlook that certain situations are not simply resolved by selecting a person to enter an office and hope for better results.  We, as a people, as a society, as a community must stand up converging on a single path that collectively leads us to something greater from where we are today, but respecting our differences along the way.

This is our country, and the candidate we choose should be the one that believes with all sincerity that his job is to make life better for us all.

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