Metallica Fan In Turmoil

Anyone who knows me well, understands one thing loud and clear – Metallica is one of my favorite bands.  However, I find myself in turmoil whether I should be excited as hell, or apathetic about the upcoming release of Death Magnetic.  It is less the four weeks until the release of the new album.  I really can’t decide what I should be feeling.

I mean let’s face it, Metallica hasn’t the produced music that brought them notoriety.  But, I keep hearing that Death Magnetic is supposed to bring back the “good old days” of Master of Puppets.  That is great, IF it really is true. Master of Puppets is classic and one of my all-time favorite albums.

Today, Metallica officially released their first track, “The Day That Never Comes,” from the new album, which can be heard at Metallica’s MySpace page.  My first impression of the song reminds me of “One” from ...And Justic For All in that it starts mellow and slowly builds increasing with intensity.  At the same time, the group seems to have experimented with musical form by limiting the amount of vocals.  The song is mostly instrumental, but the vocals in the song take me back to the Black album.  Overall, it is a solid song.  My only real critique is the ending seems to drag a little, or the guitar solo could be a little more varied.

So what is a die hard Metallica fan to do?  A lot has changed over the years, and so what if the band has brought back the “music of old.”  Metallica has angered and lost many fans with the events around the RIAA shutting down the original Napster.  And, the recent blogger debacle didn’t help either.  The band has truly disappointed me as well as fans a round the world with their action.  I want to forgive, but I don’t know if I should.  When you forget your roots, and start battling the people that support you, it presents a serious problem.  I am curious if other fans have similar emotions.

Regardless, Metallica is a tremendous influence on today’s music, and will continue to inspire artists well into the future.  No one can take that away from the band.  Death Magnetic is set for release on Friday, August 12th, and I am in flux whether I will be waiting in a line to go buy the album.

I guess I will know when the time comes…

Photo Source: Anne Helmond

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