The Agony of Allergies

This post has absolutely nothing to do with music, but what the hell, it has been a rough week.  There is nothing like starting the work week like going to jury duty.  Woohoo!! Clearly you can sense my excitement.  For anyone who hasn’t joined the wonderful journey that is our justice system, well you aren’t missing much.  Dull, boring, and well, I lost two days that I will never get back.  Well, there must’ve been something in the air, because the judge was fighting the phlegm monster for two days.   Of course, I was at the Chicago courthouse, and I am sure the vents are the original ones.

Which brings me to the thrill of allergies.  For the past few days, I have been fighting off allergy funk. There is nothing like feeling groggy all day and fighting off sinus headaches for two days.  I already take 4 allergy shots every two weeks, and have meds for the summer.  I know the shots are helping because I get sick less.  But, since Friday I have been dragging and sleeping and literally just trying to remain functional.  Serious suckage!  Anyhow, I hope to resume blogging tomorrow.  Of course, I love watching the Olympics, which has also prevented me from blogging. After all, it only comes around every four years right?  I have some great ideas that I have been stewing over all week long, but I haven’t had the energy to write them all down.

Cheers! And, enjoy the summer while it is around, because damn is it flying by.

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