Opeth, Kamelot and Why July Sucked for Blogging

I don’t know about anyone else, but I was shocked as hell yesterday when I woke up and realized it was already August.  Where the hell did July go?  Work really kicked my booty during the month of July, and clearly sucked up a lot of my time.  As a result, writing was a little week for the month.  Apologies.  The image pretty much says everything.  Hopefully, everyone can understand that paying the bills has to come as a priority.  Clearly, a lot happened during the month of July in the music industry that I wasn’t able to blog about.  Oh, well.

To vent my frustration, I decided to do something on payday that I hadn’t done all month long.  I went and bought some new music.  Why the hell not, right? I work hard, and I deserve to reward myself for working so much.  Life at marketing agency.

So, what did I buy? After browsing Best Buy for a few minutes, I decided to invest in some bands I have learned more about recently, Opeth‘s Watershed and Kamelot‘s Ghost Opera.  Opeth is one of those bands that has interested me before, but fundage and the uncertainty if I would really like them kept me from buying earlier CDs. Since I have been hearing great things about the album, I convinced myself that I had to just get Watershed. After listening to about half of Watershed, I am a little blown away by Opeth’s songwriting chops.  I have heard other tracks from Opeth, like the Grand Conjuration.  Honestly, what kept me from buying Opeth before was the “cookie monster” singing the band is known for.  I have my ups and downs with that style of singing.  However, the versatility of Michael Åkerfeldt, Opeth’s lead singer, is heard in Watershed.  I am almost compelled to invest a little more in Opeth.  My early take is Watershed has a mystical, dark, and haunting feel with moments that blend of intensity and hypnoticism. Here is the first track off of the album, Porcelain Heart.


Kamelot was a band I learned about while scouring Last.Fm.  I love bands with awesome vocalists.  After, watching the new video (below) and track also titled Ghost Opera, I was captivated by Khan, the lead singer’s voice.  The band definitely has chops, but after listening to bits and pieces of the album, I was hoping to hear a little bit more songwriting variety.  To be fair, I have only skimmed the album though, so it’s still early to say what I really think.  Khan has a great voice though.


Image Source: Inkswamp

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