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The power of social media never ceases to amaze me.  It pleases me even more when the medium is used in a win-win situation; in this case benefiting rock bands and our constitutional right as US citizens.

MySpace and Rock the Vote have joined forces to empower the people.  The DemROCKacy competition sponsored by both organizations is a brilliant idea to encourage people to register to vote.  The competition kicks off today and will continue until August 14th 12 am EST, at which time fans will be able to vote online for their favorite band out of the top three finalists.  All bands have to do is add a widget on to their MySpace page.

The first 25 bands to register 150 of their fans will win placement on the Rock the Vote playlist on the TouchTunes jukeboxes and the Rock the Vote music page.  The band that registers the most individuals and wins the online poll, will be named the grand prize winner!

The grand prize winner will:

  • Have the opportunity to open at Rock the Vote’s Ballot Bash a concert event at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, CO on August 25th
  • Have a performance aired on AT&T’s Blue Room
  • Receive a new Gibson SG Standard guitar and matching SG Reissue bass, featured on
  • Will be showcased on the front page of Rock the Vote and announced in an email blast to Rock the Vote’s members.

What a sweet grand prize! The runner-ups will be rewarded with a new special Gibson SG guitar.

The presidential primaries have already proven to be ground breaking and historic and how “we the people” are important to the political process.  By the looks of it, the 2008 presidential election will shape up to be as exciting as the previous two.  If there is any one thing the political landscape has taught us over the past eight years, it’s that every vote matters! Hopefully this year we won’t have another hanging chad incident thanks to some technology improvements.

I certainly encourage, EVERY band to have a brief, but important, widget party on their MySpace page.  Regardless of creed, religion or political affiliation, anyone who is of age and isn’t registered should look up there favorite rock band and make sure your voice will be counted in November.  Power to the people!

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