Metallica Still Doesn’t Get It Re-Revisted

MetallicaFor the past several weeks I have been observing the ridiculousness from Metallica and their management.  I previously wrote about the issues with Mission:Metallica in my previous blog post with a similar title.  I mentioned before that I have been a tremendous fan of the band ever since I was a kid, and some ways I still am.  After reading about the recent events, I felt compelled to write about what has occurred since my last post and what it might mean for the band.  Let’s recap the silliness though:

  • May 12: Metallica announces the launch of Mission:Metallica
  • May 28: Metallica sort of repents according to Wired’s Listening Post by offering pseudo web 2.0 website, but forces fans to subscribe in order to get all the fun stuff
  • June 5:  The Quietus and other bloggers post pre-review after being invited to a listening session to hear early mixes of six tracks
  • June 6:  The Blinded by Hype blog reports that Metallica requests that pre-reviews were taken down
  • June 7- 11: Bloggers give Metallica a “new one” with reaction to the reviews being removed, including The Quietus. Mashable probably had the best title: “Metallica smokes themselves retarded.” Here are some other good posts where fans weighed in: CNet’s The Digital Home, and Sputnik Music
  • June 11: Metallica posts a statement on their website responding to all the blogosphere rants and provide links to The Quietus, Kerrang and Metal Hammer original reviews that were taken down.
  • June 12: Bloggers claim Metallica “ear spanks” their management as suggested by ars technica.
  • June 14: I learned through Blabbermouth that Metallica releases new album name: Death Magnetic.

After all is said and done, it’s impossible to predict exactly how this episode of retardation will effect album sales or the buzz that leads up to its release.  I suppose the good thing we have learned is at least Metallica is paying attention to the blogosphere.  Either it’s that or it was some elaborate attempt to keep attention.  I don’t know if we will ever know, but if it was a stunt, I think it’s safe to call this a PR disaster.  I still think Mission:Metallica is a joke.  If there is any ONE thing about this entire ordeal that is postive, at least the reviews of the Death Magnetic are mostly positive.  The reviews give me hope that Metallica has returned to their respectable early sound.

Do I still think Metallica doesn’t get it? You bet! Why? Well, somebody made a tremendous error through all of this. The fact is Metallica had a tremendous opportunity and they REALLY screwed it up.  On top of the whole RIAA episode, this just signifies that the band still doesn’t have a respect for their fan base, nor do they understand the power of the web. At least they had enough of a realization to “wake up” and recognize their error by reposting the reviews.  The only time we will really know if people have forgiven the band is when the album is actually released.

I still don’t know if I will purchase the album, but at least I have the dependable albums, like Master of Puppets, to entertain myself with.

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