The Music Industry Fued- CD Sales Fall, Gene Simmons Blames P2P, Kid Rock Bans iTunes

The music industry continues to point fingers at the very people that keep it breathing.  Yesterday, Timesonline published an article reporting the continued decline of music sales caused by the drastic decline in CD sales.  Members of the music industry continue to blame peer-to-peer file sharing.  As the transition from CD buying to MP3 downloading continues, there is uncertainty of what will happen in the long run as sales show no signs of recovering, and downloading sale are not making up the difference.

As an “old-timer” who still loves purchasing the dinosaur form – the CD – even I admit the need to transform how I consume and learn about new artists.  Do we have a responsibility to musicians to stop sharing music and instead encourage others to pay for music? It’s getting to point that it depends on the the fan and their loyalty.  Economic times are rough, so I seriously doubt that people will become more willing to purchase music if they can get it for free.  As much as I love buying music, it is a commodity.  At a time when fuel costs continue force everything to increase in price, people love music, but simply can’t pay for it.  Even I have slowed down purchasing music.

Earlier today, the infamous Gene Simmons, from KISS, decided to point fingers at the very fans that gave him his millions saying:

The record industry is dead. It’s six feet underground and unfortunately the fans have done this. They’ve decided to download and file share. (Source: Mashable)

On the other hand, Kid Rock dissed his record label, Atlantic Records, when the label asked him to “denounce” music sharing.  Instead, Rock has decided to take the opposite action by boycotting iTunes and supporting P2P sharing.  I was rather shocked by this response by Rock.

It’s very clear that some musicians understand the power of the internet and some don’t.  Rock suggested that the Internet has the ability to level the playing field.  You know what?  He is correct.  The way of the future is music on the Internet, especially as music social media sites continue grow.  With Last.Fm signing an agreement with Universal to include music videos from the label, it’s impossible to predict what will happen, but a path has been set.

At the very least, it’s entertaining to read.

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