What Constitutes Good Music?

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It is perhaps the most subjective question to ask: What constitutes good music? The type of music we choose to listen to will vary between each of us. Musicians since the beginning of time have continuously pushed the boundaries of what is considered good music. There have been countless moments when new types of music were considered “awful.” Now, that same awful music is not only appreciated by many, but considered classics.

I bring up this topic only because a conversation is underway talking about this idea of what constitutes good music. A participant at the Mike Portnoy forum, drummer for Dream Theater, asked if we had lost our sense of music appreciation. At the heart of that question is something deeper, which is the question I pose: What constitutes good music?

I’d love to hear your thoughts before I provide mine.

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One comment on “What Constitutes Good Music?
  1. Classical lute, Ice-T, Sparklehorse, That tune from the godfather, Romanza (but only played on a nylong stringed acoustic), Sigur Rós, It’s a complicated question, I love them all 😀

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