If You Tweet on Twitter, Then Do You Bleep on Blip?

Yesterday, I discovered the wonderful world of Blip, I new service offered through Fuzz.com. The craze at the moment is Twitter. Until recently, I really couldn’t understand why Twitter was so popular, but after figuring it out and participating for work purposes it is a really powerful forum for people to communicate.  It allows people to share information in real time.  In general, I don’t anyone cares what your eating or sleeping at the moment, unless of course you are vacationing staying a cool hotel, or dining at an awesome restaurant.  Then, I might actually care. 

So what is Blip? Well, it’s kind of like Twitter, except for music fans. Like Twitter, it allows people to share musicical tastes with others by “tweeting” like you would in Twitter, but a complete mp3, streamed of course, is attached to your “bleep.”  Just as in Twitter, you can follow people with similar interested and listen to music they have “bleeped,” and create a radio station going through your friends musical interests along with yours.  Make sure to pick the right friends!

The only downside, which isn’t really much of one, is the listing for musical groups aren’t complete, but the site is just getting starting so I will cut them some slack.  Let’s all start a Bleeping revolution on Blip.  I just added Black Tide to my list of musical interests.  If you want to know what song, look me up as your friendly Contrapuntist.

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