U2’s Manager Compares Your Internet Service To Shoplifters

When I learned that U2’s manager, Paul McGuinness, was blaming internet service providers for the music industry’s “downfall,” my first reaction was: “What a moron!” In a nutshell, here is the deal:

U2 manager Paul McGuinness is at it again, ranting about the problems the so called music industry is facing, comparing ISPs to “shoplifters,” accusing them of “rigging the market,” and claiming that they should provide help to the recorded music industry “not just because it is morally right, but because it is in their commercial interest.” (Source: Mashable)

I’ve already discussed in an earlier post one element that will help save the music industry is the need for more originality, so I won’t revisit this subject for now. The biggest question that comes to mind is how has the internet impacted the industry? The Internet has made it easier for us to share copied music with others, that is the big deal, but this idea is nothing new. People have been copying music and sharing it others as far back as I can remember. I can’t tell you how many times that I have been given a copied CD, or cassette when I was a kid, and then went out to purchase the group’s new music. The Internet has the potential to improve the music industry, if morons like McGuiness embrace its power, instead of fight it. I go back to this fact – crappy music. People are tired of purchasing crappy music because I heard one song. In other words, I have been bamboozled by the industry and they are upset because we are sick of it.

I will continue to state that the music industry owes it to itself to reflect on what it expects from fans as much as to the musicians that are with their label. Because it isn’t just about the CD sale or pirated mp3, it is about the experience we have listening to the music and joining the artist’s journey! The album helps us build a relationship with a musical act, and by doing so, leads to fans attending concerts and buying merchandised stuff. With music sites like Imeem, Last.FM, iLike, and many others, has enabled the music fans to learn about new music and in return gain interest in new groups.

I have spent a lot more time using Last.Fm of late, and find it one of the coolest music sites. It allows me to network with fellow music fans, talk about my musical tastes (I learned about that today) and learn about similar artists to my favorite artists. For example, today I started listening to Kamelot. I had heard about this group, but never really paid attention to them. As result, I learned that I kind of liked them. I can’t say if I will go out and buy them, but I will go out of my way to learn about them and listen to more of their music. That could lead to me purchasing their music. The power of the Internet!

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