Metallica still doesn’t get it

Let me begin by saying, I LOVE Metallica!! At least, the old Metallica. There is no question that they are one of the most influential metal bands ever. I own all of their albums, seen them in concert several times, etc. I can’t wait for the album to come out… blah blah blah…. Or am I?

A few weeks ago, it appeared Metallica was making an attempt to reconcile with fans for previous stupidities and hypocrisies. The band recently launched Mission:Metallica, which was suppose to allow fans to see what’s been brewing in the studio. It all seems to be ploy to suck fan’s money away and make the band richer. After reading Metal Martyr’s Blog entry on how he received an email suggesting that he “upgrade” his package deal on the site, it’s clear the band is more interested in making money than regaining fan’s trust.

Many fans felt disenfranchised after they joined forces with the RIAA back in 2000, which single-handedly shutdown the original Napster. Here are a couple of articles I found on WIRED, and Rolling Stone for a refresher. I remember seeing videos of fans destroying their CDs after Lars made the wonderful announcement. Years after the controversy, the band had this to say:


Has the band really lost all sense of who they are and where they came from? If you understand Metallica’s history, then you know they became popular through tape-sharing (remember those?). Just when I thought Metallica was trying to repent, they come up with the worst way to “share” the making of their new album. The whole purpose of developing a website like this is to create brand loyalty, and Metallica is a much a brand as they are a band. Music, more than any other business category, has the ability to build a tremendous fan base with the rise of social media. Instead of developing buzz, they are just pissing fans off. If they still want to retain control, then clearly, the  band does not understand the real purpose of opening doors and inviting fans.  It’s just a meager attempt and nothing else.

Should loyal fans, like myself, really be “anticipating” the new Metallica album? I really don’t know. I was somewhat disappointed with St. Anger. And, Reload was slightly better than Load. So what is a true fan to do? If you think about it, whenever I hear a song on the radio from Metallica played, it’s not from the last three albums. Instead of being excited about Mission:Metallica, I am truly disappointed. What could have been an awesome opportunity, I hope turns into a big flop!

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6 comments on “Metallica still doesn’t get it
  1. Thanks for the link. One thing I got to say is that those Metallica fans that trashed their own Metallica CD…probably already made copies of them before they did. I know I would have. Honestly, I kind of hate the band for what they’ve become but the only cd I would trash is st anger. At least everything before that was listenable.

    Thanks for the add to your blog roll as well. Thats really cool. I’ll do the same.

  2. Thanks Scott for adding me to your blog roll.

    Yeah, you are probably right about people keeping a copy. I didn’t trash my CDs. I have really TRIED liking St. Anger and just find it a difficult thing to listen to. I think it really sucks how the band is treating fans. Here is thing, we can always rebel and keep them off the charts, placing them in a position to recognize they are nothing without fans.

  3. I agree and I’m a Metallica fan from the old days (pre 1988) and i have to say they did themselves irreparrable damage to their own reputations as artists who respect or should I say disrespect their fans.

    What is it going to take to make artists and their labels realise that the fan is the asset which helps to make them a business?

    This point has really gotten to me. Also I have to say I have never liked a Metallica album since Justice for All with Master of Puppets being my favorite.

    You might like some of the articles on my blog:

    Be good to get your thoughts on some of them.

    I will be adding your blog to my listings page.


  4. Of course, not mentioned in the article or anywhere near the article is that included in the free membership of Mission: Metallica are two full shows from the early 80s, given out for free. I’m curious as to if Platnium Membership will give additional concerts; but what it comes down to is that the membership site is chalk full of content. I’ve seen membership sites on the web that go for $1,000 a year with less content than the site puts up.

    So, I’m not unimpressed by the site; it seems to hit what I’m looking for: more band immersion, the experience leading up to the release.

    (Though, to defend this position: I’m not a diehard fan, and I thought Load and Reload were crap. Did like St. Anger, though.)

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