Are You Musically Intelligent?

Perhaps this is a loaded question, but how balanced are we as music appreciators? I have been told by peers that I have a pretty eclectic taste in music, but even I don’t care about certain styles of music. I think it is fair to say that most classical music appreciators don’t like heavy metal. What am I? A classical-loving metal head that plays anything from Astor Piazzolla to Domenico Scarlatti on classical guitar, and every once in a while jams on an electric guitar attempting to play some Pantera. Eclectic? I hope you think so.

According to a survey, the US ranks 8th in musical intelligence. Do you want to test you musical IQ? Take the musical intelligence quiz. I was surprised by some of the questions, and lack of certain questions. Of all the different musical styles and genres, I thought the questions were a bit biased and a lot aspects about music listening were left out.

Iceland, Japan and Ireland ranked as the top three countries with musical intelligence. Does this mean we can always learn more about music? Absolutely! Even musicologists have plenty to learn. I have known my fair share of music history gurus that couldn’t name a Metallica tune or a #1 hit from Madonna, but could tell you just about every piece Mozart wrote. Based on my score, I have some work to do.

In general, we should go about our merry way listening to what ever we choose to indulge our ears with. In case your curious, my music listening included jammin’ to some prog rock earlier today. We just received the Black Tide, Def Leppard and Kim Kashkashian album from Amazon. Perhaps I will talk about some or all of these in the near future.

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