Soundtrack for an Autobiography- Sixx:AM

Can you really have a soundtrack accompany a book? When I first heard about this, I was both confused and intrigued by this idea. Can a book really have a soundtrack? I had never thought about that before, but sure why not. Art is art – right? If music is a reflection of life, then why can’t someone write an autobiography and a set of songs to accompany their life’s story.

Anyone who has followed Motley Crüe knows they have lived a hard, glamorous and messed up life – to put it mildly. After forming his own trio Sixx: AM, Nikki Sixx (also the bassist for Motley Crüe), has produced one of the most open and honest albums I have heard in a long, long time. I haven’t ready his book. Quite frankly, I really don’t need to either. Sex, drugs and alcohol is about all you really need to know, especially with a title like The Heroin Diaries.

Once you get passed the mature subject matter, the song writing and performances are amazing. The album, The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack, has thirteen songs blended with personal commentary by Sixx and lyrics that can leave you feeling sorry for Sixx as he he struggles to overcome drug addiction. Each song correlates with a chapter in his book. Each song also carries a life of its own that displays Sixx’s true talents as a song writer. At a time when growly nu metal singers seems to be the thing to do, James Michael surprises with some moving vocals that won’t disappoint.

At the album’s core, this is a story of redemption. (And, a guy with nine lives.) This album is a treasure for any rock/metal fan. If you are thinking about writing a soundtrack to a book, you have a hard act to follow. As long as it’s personal, sincere, well-written, and well-performed, writing songs to accompany a book can increase the emotional connection for a reader or listener. Maybe I will check out the book sometime in the future, but for now, I will stick to the soundtrack.

Here is their first video. It was released a while ago, but it never disappoints me. Enjoy!


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