Who am I?

I suppose it’s appropriate to talk about who I am, what I like, and why I started this blog. Truthfully, until about one year ago I never thought about blogging. I hardly knew what a blog was, or why people blogged at all. About one year ago I started working for a Word of Mouth Marketing agency as a freelancer, and then eventually was I was hired full-time. (I’d rather not say who I work for at the moment, because this blog isn’t about my work, it’s about my passion for music.)

Before starting at my present position, I was a musician, a classical guitarist to be more specific. By the end of 2001, I had finished my Master of Music in Classical Guitar Performance from the Cleveland Institute of Music. Like most new graduates, I asked myself – what next? I had moved to Chicago, IL and started working at a public library. Eventually, I ended up working for the music library at Roosevelt University.

That is when marketing came into the picture. I came to realize that most artists aren’t taught the business of music. In fact, we really aren’t taught the business of anything. We are taught the art of performance, musical interpretation, composition, etc. Unless you can play in an orchestra, or tour the country as a soloist, there isn’t much for a classical guitarist in terms of a full-time music gig besides teaching. And sadly, my musical education wasn’t good enough for Chicago. Most music schools for kids insisted I get Suzuki training (I won’t bother discussing what that is), which meant my Master’s degree wasn’t good enough? Sorry, but I didn’t buy that. I had to make a decision of how to support myself and family.

So, I decided to go back to school while working at RU, and I eventually finished a second Master’s in Integrated Marketing Communication. Hence, how I ended up at a Word of Mouth Marketing agency. Since I can’t work as a musician, I decided to start this blog to keep me connected to music in some way. I no longer have the time to practice six hours a day, so I have elected to write about my passion instead.

Considering my eclectic background of growing up in Latino family and having formal classical music background, I’d like to think that I have a fairly broad appreciation for music. I have my preferences of music, but I also believe that all styles and types of music have their place.

I hope you all will enjoy our contrapuntal journey into the world of music.

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